Application Maintenance


In today’s era, maintaining IT business hardware and software applications isn’t a luxury, but a business necessity. Application maintenance requires understanding the direction, growth potential, and daily requirements of any given company. When properly maintained, applications and hardware can boost productivity and cut operational costs to customers, vendors, and other organization personnel with exceptional agility and finesse.



Our team of experts troubleshoot and fix errors discovered by the users ensuring the software is of the best quality with bare minimum bugs.



We modify and update software and fix existing problems and incorporate changes wherever needed and optimize your business processes.



We work meticulously to prevent future bugs from cropping up and troubleshoot whenever the need arises.

Maximise the benefits of maintaining your application over the long term

Our team has developed a series of services that enable companies to incorporate new advances in technology without having to overhaul their existing infrastructure. We offer support and maintenance for existing hardware and software, including ERP applications. We provide cost-effective solutions to a variety of industries and organizational structures, emphasizing transparency, and fairness in each of our business transactions.

At Niktor, we ensure applications are optimally maintained so you can focus on your business goals and spend more time on making crucial business decisions.

We pride ourselves on being available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our most important goal is to serve the customer and maximize business efficiency and hammer away critical issues that impact your business applications.

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